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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On Friday I'll be leaving for Gran Canaria to attend Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. This is only possible because I got financial help from the Gnome Foundation and it's sponsors. Thanks a lot to all of you, especially the Gnome Travel Committee which organized the travel and accomodation subsidy.

I'm really looking forward to meet some great people and of course to play at the FreeFA tournament. Last year was great fun! Hopefully we have a lot of water this year...

I'll arrive Friday night, so I'll miss the first party. If someone else is arriving around 11PM, drop me a line. My flight departs from Munich at 3:50 PM and stops at Madrid. From there the journey continues at 8:35 PM to Gran Canaria.

See you there :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Felix!

Looking forward to meeting you. I'll be coming in on Friday morning. What party is happening on Friday?

Flex said...

Hey! I'll be arriving friday around midnight! That means I'll be missing the first party :'( No idea what or where or when it is :D

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