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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Android Scripting Environment

With the ASE (Android Scripting Environment) which Google released recently, developers get the possibility to run scripts on Android.

At the moment ASE supports Python, Lua and BeanShell, there are plans to support Ruby and JavaScript in the future as well!

Why use scripts instead of programs? The explanation can be found on their site:
You may ask, why write scripts instead of real Android applications? Admittedly, Android's development environment makes life pretty easy, but you're tied to a computer to do your work. ASE lets you develop on the device itself using high-level scripting languages to try out your idea now, in the situation where you need it, quickly.

On the website where you can download the ASE you'll find some example scripts as well: One example script mutes the ringer of your Android phone when the phone is face down.


Anonymous said...

I think the scripting support is a killer idea!

The lack of a script language for GNOME is one of my oldest mega rants.

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