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Friday, December 26, 2008

Sign of life

It's been nearly a month I haven't written anything. Time to change that and send out a sign of life! ;)

There has happened a lot but I've been too busy to write something. Now the Christmas stress is over and I have some time to write a few words.

First of all: Oliver started a blog. :) Though his first post was not really nice regarding my blog, he's still a friend of mine! :D

Project 10 to the 100: Some time ago I've written something about this project, it's a call for ideas to change the world. People have submitted over 100.000 ideas and on January 27th, 2009 the voting starts. Vote for the idea you like the most!

Christmas: Merry Christmas to everyone! I know I'm late, sorry, but I had a bunch of things to do before Christmas and the last 3 days I've been busy with family stuff! Have some nice holidays and a happy new year everyone!

University: I've been busy (like I already said ;) ). Some days before Christmas I've had a talk at a presentation (system design review) with 4 other guys from my university. It was about a project we work on during this winter term. It was fun! :)

Thats it for the moment, I'll try to be more active writing tech stuff instead of private stuff.

Ah by the way: I've ordered a Android Dev Phone 1! I've started doing some stuff with the api, just to see how it goes. It's easy! Hopefully we see some interesting applications from the open source community soon! The thing I miss the most at the moment: A vpn client!
Did anyone try to build vpnc (or something similar) for android? Technically it should be possible to build native (c-)code for android, but I have to wait for the phone (is it a phone???) to check that.

Thats it (definitely)!

Happy holidays!


Sander said...

I don't think that vpnc is available for Android yet. Would be very useful indeed.

Oliver said...

nice to mention my brandnew blog.
btw: i didnt talk about blog provider but blog software ;)
looking forward for your android app. but will only try it out in the SDK emulator as i dont have that much money lying around ^^

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