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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Giro d'Italia 2008 Joke

Jonas Rass, a friend of mine, is a quite famous runner (orienteering) who participated at various big orienteering events all over the world (e.g. O-Ringen, JWOC, ...). He's also a big fan of the Giro and joins thousands of other spectators at one of the most exciting mountain stages. Thats where he got filmed during one of his well known jokes! It was a spontaneuos action which brought his images all around the world! A guy of the Belgium national orienteering team recognized him on TV and called the local news. They reported the whole thing in the evening news, probably someone has heard it. Now we finally have the possibility to watch Jonas "run" during last years Giro on "Eurosport Watts Best of 2008" (for everyone who missed the live coverage).

Enjoy it


Oliver said...

ROFL! I really laughed my ass off. Great work, Jonas! At first i didnt even recognize him :D

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