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Monday, March 8, 2010

XO's incoming

Although I'm in the final days of writing my B.Sc. thesis, I took some time to write a project proposal for the sugar contributors program. The project I proposed will be the first of its kind for my university. Hopefully the collaboration will continue and maybe some time there will be a full blown "computer science students develop sugar activites" project.

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The full project proposal can be found here. I have to admit that I had not the time to write down *all* the ideas we (my supervisors at university and I) had and all the plans we have with sugar. My personal goal is to give the people at university a taste of what sugar is and how important it is to contribute.

me with the XO during a talk

In the meeting last Friday, it was decided that the two devices we requested are appropriate and we will get them. At this point I have to thank everyone who helped me bring this proposal through. Thanks to Stefan Unterhauser from the OLPC project who will be our mentor and to Dennis and Damir from the university which are the real heroes behind the idea of the project.

Stay tuned...


Tomeu Vizoso said...

Looking forward hearing more about your work!

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