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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Notion Ink Adam

Its been quite a long time without any post from me. The reason for that is that at the moment I have a lot of stuff to do for university and not much time for anything else.

Anyways, what I just found (thanks to Facebook and Patrick) is worth a (short) blog post! The Notion Ink Adam, a tablet developed in India powering Android. At the first moment I thought: "huh...this has to be a joke!" But no, seems like this thing is R E A L! It was shown at CES and now at MWC in Barcelona as well. It should be available in June 2010 for a price starting at $327...

(picture from

For those of you who have ever seen an apple keynote (or at least the short 110 sec. version of it): This is really amazing...beautiful...wonderful!

I'm not sure how the trackpad on the back of the device is supposed to be user friendly, but whatever, finally something new (*) and innovative!


J5 said...

Ya this is pretty cool. The screen is by Pixel Qi, a company started by Mary Lou Jepsem. She is the person who created the OLPC display. The Pixel Qi display is similar to the dual mode OLPC display except it has one extra mode. While not quite as high a resolution as the e-ink displays if you have ever seen the OLPC display in the sunlight, it is still pretty amazing for e-book reading with the added bonus of fast refresh rates.

Flex said...

cool :) I didn't know that this was Mary Lou Jepsem's new project...I knew she separated from OLPC and started something on her own, but I didn't know what exactly! She was in the Time Magazine list of the 100 most influential people in 2008.

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