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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I've spent the last two weeks with some friends in Corsica. It was a great holiday, I really enjoyed it. Our plan was to hike around for some days, we did two one day trips and one three day trip (planned for four days, but somehow we've been faster than we thought). After the hiking we spent another week at the beach on the west coast which was great for the legs to recover! :)

Corsica is a wonderful island, after striking it out from my to-go-list I have to put it there again: I'm definitely going to visit Corsica again! I liked the combination of mountains and beaches. In the center of the island there are some nice and high mountains (the highest mountain, Monte Cinto, is 2.706m high) to climb and after an hour drive you can enjoy the beach and the sea.

On our way back we stopped at Prato, the hometown of Cosimo Cecchi, to eat a pizza. We've been there only for two hours, but I have to say: Prato is worth a visit! (The pizza and the ice cream afterwards: great!)

The pictures can be found on my web album.


florent said...

the nino lake ! on the gr20

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