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Friday, February 6, 2009

gnome-format in Linux Magazin 03/09

I just got mail from a reader of Linux Magazin (german linux magazine). He told me that he read about gnome-format in the actual issue (03/09 Page 65) and that gnome-format is something he's been searching for some time now. He managed to download the code and build it without problems on Ubuntu 8.04.

It was surprising for me to hear that gnome-format made it into a magazine even if the current relaease version is 0.1.1! Thats great news!

Thanks to everyone who contributed so far, please don't stop helping us to make something small and easy but really useful to the people! Hopefully gnome-format will make it into gnome 2.26 so it can be used by every gnome user. But there is still some work to do, most of all switch from libparted to DeviceKit-disks.

Last but not least I have to thank all of you who wrote comments on my "gnome-format-0.1 release" blog entry. It's good to see that we are working on something useful!



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