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Friday, January 16, 2009

TMobile G1 = Debian + Android

As I just read, now it is possible (and quite easy) to install debian on the TMobile G1! All you need to know:

UPDATED VERSION!!!I have created and installer and bootloader fo getting Debian running on your Android (G1 at the moment) device, the whole install process will take you about 30 mins, and leave you with access to the full plethora of programs available in Debian and let's you continue using your phone as it was intended to be: as an Android device with all the capabilities thereof.
(Quote from

I use the Android Dev Phone since one week now and for now I'm happy with it....but I miss some essential parts (VPN Client). I think I know what I'll do this weekend ;)


Anonymous said...

"bootloader" - script that runs chroot

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