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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Empathy Live Search

Amazing Empathy news: Empathy now features a live search for contacts (search-as-you-type).

Check out empathy master and try it! Feedback is very welcome, especially on the matching function. Tell me if you would like more things to match, less things to match or if you like it!

Before you start writing bug reports because you miss some stuff, please read the known issues here.


John said...

I just posted this on the bug (which was closed anyway), but will repeat it here too

Instead of the 'X' on the right to clear, could it instead use the standard (aka used in evolution, etc) GtkEntry with the embedded clear icon on the right hand side?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Empathy is now my default messenger!

David said...

Awesome! Can you please highlight the top hit so I can press the Enter key to begin the conversation? :)

David said...

I have two suggestions. First, definitely match more. Pidgin, for example, matches only against the initial letters of a contact, and, in my experience, this is often not enough. Matches in the middle of a contact’s username or alias should also appear. Second, highlight the matched characters by making them bold and/or underlined, similar to Firefox’s location bar search results. The second suggestion resolves the confusion created by the first while also making it easier to find the exact word you were typing for.

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