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Monday, April 26, 2010

One Laptop Per Child at the TU München

My message is short: we have two awesome students (scholars to be correct) at our University for the next few weeks, doing a sort of internship at the TU. They will be working with the OLPC (to be specific, one of the two XO1.5's we've got) and develop a game activity for sugar.

My part in this was to inspire them to use the XO. They see it as a wonderful opportunity to participate in such a big project and I hope its a first step towards more open source at the University. Björn and Max are working like maniacs to progress as fast as possible.

They are writing a blog, where you can follow their progress and give them feedback if you want to. I would be happy if they can get as much feedback as possible, because they can learn a lot from it.

Read about what they to, why they do it and how far they are here:

Thumbs up boys, you are great!


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