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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another GUADEC is over

Yesterday I've returned from my third GUADEC. It was amazing to talk to all the GNOME people again and get some insights about whats going on and where we are heading.

The most interesting talks for me were:
"Shell Yes! - Deep Inside the GNOME Shell Design" by William Jon McCann
A very philosophical talk about the future of GNOME.
"GNOME: State of the Union" by Comrade Fernando Herrera and Comrade Xan Lopez
Amazing fun talk about whats going on in GNOME.
"Lighning Talks" by the Summer of Code Students
Always good to know whats going on on that front.
"GNOME 3: the Telepathic Desktop" by Guillaume Desmottes
It was nice to see my recent work (Empathy Live Search) as part of the presentation. Nice example applications how Telepathy can be used to connect people (Bookmarks sharing, most recent links posted in any telepathy chat, tomboy notes sharing).
"Inside the Banshee awesome factory" by Gabriel Burt
They are doing an incredibly amazing job. I loved to hear about the Banshee Community Extension, an easy way to contribute to Banshee. I love the "create-extension" script which creates the necessary files, generates autotools magic and also calls git add. The only thing a newcomer has to do is filling the gaps in the files and commit the changes to github.

What I shouldn't forget is the Design Thinking Workshop which was held on Monday and Tuesday (and if I remember correctly also Thursday) by 5 awesome German students. Thanks a lot, it was great fun participating!

A big thanks also to the GNOME Foundation which organized and payed the accommodation, Collabora for organizing and paying my flight and the amazing BBQ Beach Party. Although some Collaborans missed this year, I enjoyed to meet those who could make it at the conference.

Marco waiting for more guests to welcome them, he and all the others helping out did a great job ;)

I've tried to thank as many volunteers and locals personally, but I could never have thanked everyone of you in person. Thanks a lot for doing such a great job, you were awesome!

Party people at the beginning of the Collabora BBQ Beach Party

See you all in Berlin, at GUADEC 2011.


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