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Monday, June 7, 2010

TEDxMunich, the most inspiring day of my life

Today I was at the TEDxMunich conference at the BMW Museum in Munich. It was such a great event that I'm still speechless.

To line up my favorite speakers here a short list, sorted by the order they appeared during the conference:

Magnus Larsson - Creation of Landscape
Shaun Bailey - Child Soldiers in London
Patrick Frick - The power of design process
Marije Vogelzang - How food activated the brain
Chris Bangle - Gina meets pInK
Paul Cocksedge - Light design changes

I really enjoyed the Think Tank session afterwards where we had a nice discussion (it was more an inspiring lecture then a discussion) with Shaun Bailey. Big thanks for that.

Thanks a lot also to all those who participated and especially to the organizers and staff around Sonny Klawitter.

Some last words: Met the core team for TEDxRheinNeckar and also a lot of people with nice ideas for other TEDx events. Very interesting and inspiring students, I'm really looking forward to meet you again!


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