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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zombie Empathy

Today something very funny happened! I was working on empathy - to be honest, I was chasing a segfault I introduced myself :/ - and after I made empathy crash and terminated the gdb session I thought: empathy has to be DEAD!


WRONG! Empathy came back to life when a friend of mine sent me a message!

I couldnt believe what I saw, so I checked again and again...there was no empathy process running after empathy got killed, although running mc-tool showed that there are all my accounts still available (online). I guess mission-control restarted empathy once I got a new message!

What this means: If you do not shutdown empathy nicely, you may be online without even knowing it! You can see whether you are online or offline, running empathy-accounts which lives in its own process now.


Danni said...

This is correct. Connections are created and maintained by Mission Control. Empathy just requests Mission Control bring connections online, similarly when you shut down Empathy, it requests Mission Control take your connections offline.

When Mission Control receives a channel there is no suitable client running for, it sees if there is a client it can activate (for instance, Empathy). It does this and hands the channel to the client.

There are a few applets around that allow you to set your presence (offline is a presence) with Mission Control separately from Empathy.

Flex said...

Hmm...this is actually pretty cool! But what I don't like about it: what happens when you set your presence with another app, other then empathy. Then you run empathy and shut it down properly...are all accounts disconnected or do they return to the presence the other app set?

Don't get me wrong, I don't think its bad, it was just a little bit unexpected.

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