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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Google Wave Preview

Yesterday I got access to Google Wave Preview. I've tested it a little bit now, but for the moment I have only one other friend that uses it. That makes testing a little bit pointless ;)

I was really excited when I got the invitation, now I have to say that it's not that awesome as it seemed in the presentation. It's nice but still work in progress and you can see that a lot. It seems a little bit buggy to me.

Now to the big question: will it be the new email + im + everything in one?

I guess it will never substitute email as it was originally intended nor will it substitute IM between two persons. I see a big advantage in Google Wave when more than two people are involved in a discussion. Mailing lists are really a pain in the ass to read, so are Skype chat sessions with more than 2 buddies. Google Wave could be very nice even for two people to write wiki-like documents or to brainstorm, but not for a solid conversation.

Google Wave has some potential with the widgets you can use. For now there are not many widgets included (only Map, YesNoMaybe and Sudoku ;)), but that will change in future and there are a lot of people out there with good ideas for widgets.

For now: let's wait and see what comes next and how people accept it!

[EDIT]: Please don't comment on it wanting to get invited, I already used up my invitations.


n8osapi said...

add me to a wave, i havn't been able to play with it yet.

Tom said...

People don't get Wave.


Dread Knight said...

I agree... and it seems confusing at times.

Anyway, you don't need friends, you need to make a search for with:public :P It feels like you connect to the world ;)

Anonymous said...

Yout can add me too =) d2xdt2 -wavesandbox-com

Anonymous said...

if you are feeling alone search for with:public in the inbox :)

Anonymous said...

Correction; there are only 3 gadgets pre-installed. It is incorrect to say there are only three. Visit for more gadgets and bots

Anonymous said...

There is also an interesting sudoku site at

Pravin said...

Hey.. check this out...

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