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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Future traveling plans

After some really busy weeks which (thanks god) are behind me now, I'm enjoying my holidays at home and I'm already excited about my future traveling.

First of all on Saturday I'm heading off to Schladming, a town or village in the Austrian alps, where some Friends and I have booked a hut for 14 people right in the middle of the skiing area! It's going to be a legendary week of snow and fun :)

Afterwards back home for some days, enjoying my hometown, my friends and family.

Then I'm heading back to Munich, but not to study...I'm going directly to the airport and fly up in the north to visit my sister in Oslo! Maybe we will go to Stockholm as well for some days. It's going to be fun, definitely.

The next big journey will bring me to Gran Canary Islands, to the "Gran Canaria Desktop Summit". By the way: GNOME 2.26 is out! Go and get it!



Sup said...

I was in Schladming about three weeks ago and it was splendid, however the snow in the lower parts of the valley had started to melt massively when we were there, I hope they were able to cover it up with those big snowcannons they have there.

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